End of winter and start of spring classes!

Kindergartners working on, “Planet Warm”.

I’m pleased that my classes at the Brookline Art Center have been  extended for the spring! I’m also teaching a Saturday ceramic class for ages 10-12. I can’t thank students and parents enough for the huge success winter term has been!

List of  Youth, Teen, and Adult Classes for Steven Wilber

I’m the latest addition to the Brookline Adult and Community Education Center’s February break programming! Already six students have signed up for my two morning classes, ages 5-7, but spaces are still available. To register click on the link above class descriptions.

SmartVacations, February 18-21

World Art9:00am-10:30am
Track your adventures across the globe as you learn about the arts and crafts of different continents. We’ll make a map, discuss the places we’ll visit, and make traditional arts and crafts. 
Mythical Voyages10:30am-12pm
Discover ancient worlds and civilizations through games, stories, building projects, and fun challenges.  We’ll build ships, create board games, and role play as we learn.

“Melting Wax & Smoke”

A third painting for my Heroines collection was completed just before the end of 2013. I’ll begin a fourth this week, but then stepping away from the super heroine theme, just briefly, to flex my creative muscles in a different direction for something new. I apologize for the low quality photograph. I’m looking forward to having much of my new and old work reshot in the future when I begin updating this site.

Announcing classes for the new year!


I’ve fallen behind on updates with the end of the semester and a recent vacation to Los Cabos, Mexico. But I’m pleased to announce several classes I’ll be offering in Boston for early 2014. I’m looking forward to starting off … Continue reading

Happy holidays and new year!

Teens participating in a gingerbread house challenge!

I cannot believe the year is wrapping up so quickly, but I probably say that this time annually. I’m looking forward to completing a third painting of my Heroines collection next week and I was pleased with the gingerbread house competition that served for the last class of Culture for Change of 2013. Happy holidays!

A brief note

SWart Studio - Steven DerrickI’ve just signed on to teach teen and adult Saturday classes for the winter term at the Menino Arts Center, starting in January (more info soon). I’ll also be teaching weekday afternoons and evenings for Culture for Change in downtown Boston, as well as at the Brookline Arts Center. I can’t express how grateful I am for these opportunities to continue teaching. When I decided to step away from public school, I was a little nervous. I felt like a recording artist without a major label. But in hindsight it’s exactly what I needed creatively. I’ve given myself a year to devote the proper amount of time needed in the studio, as well as teaching part-time on the side. Come next fall, my plans may change, but I’m focusing on what I have set before me and giving it my all. Thank you to all the friends, families, and fellow artists who have showered me with support. I love you all, truly.