Next piece, “Eve-L.Y.N.”

Reference guide - Eve-L.Y.N.

Reference guide – Eve-L.Y.N.

I was interrupted by two and a half weeks of awesome art camp with some talented young artists, but in the midst I conceived the plan for one or two diptychs. The idea of Eve as a robot or puppet of God came to mind. The fact that in stories she was basically set up to fail from the start and is often the blame of what’s wrong with the ails of world — it kills me. I’ll be working on this all week and I’m excited to see how it develops. I intended to do one painting with “Eve-L.Y.N.” in her basic robot form, then another as the glamorous, “SOS Jackson”, the character I’ve been using for the last six to seven pieces. But what I may do is use a transfer overlay of SOS that can be lifted to reveal, “Eve”. What does, “L.Y.N.”, stand for? I’ll let you know as soon as I do.

Painting Eve-L.Y.N.

I took a break from the studio and started working in the kitchen where it was slightly cooler.

I took a break from the studio and started working in the kitchen where it was slightly cooler.

Number Seven Will Be, “Bliss!”

References and working sketch for, “Bliss!”.

I began brainstorming my seventh painting for my “Heroine” collection the other day. I started with concept sketches loosely based on work of a personal hero of mine, comic book and story board artist, Mike Vosburg. From there I began studying the early work of model and actress, Brigitte Nielsen. And finally, after reading some epic Supergirl stories by Paul Kupperberg and Carmine Infantino, I had a new galactic heroine starring in my new mixed media piece, “Bliss!” Singer/performer, Dee D. Jackson continues to leave her mark in my subconscious as I create. Oh, and believe or not, the background will be inspired by cracked pavement that caught my eye during one of my usual dog walks with my best friend, the Amazing Amazon Mutt. STAY TUNED FOR MORE!

UPDATE 7.26.15:

#Bliss! is completed! I whipped through this mixed media on canvas mainly because I was uninterrupted and was able to have fun with little to no complication. I’ve already planned out my next piece(s). More on that soon.

"#Bliss!", mixed media on canvas, 3'x4'.

“#Bliss!”, mixed media on canvas, 3’x4′.


“Passion”, oil on canvas, 24″x24″.

“Broken Pearls”, mixed media and oil on canvas, 24″x56″.

It’s taken me months to wrap up one and weeks to finish another, but I’m pleased with the end results of these two paintings.

Pottery from Spring 2015

Grades 1 - 4, Spring 2015There was some amazing work created in the ceramic studio by young artists this spring. If your child took my class and you have not picked up their work, please call the office at, 617-730-2700, to make arrangements. We’ll be making room for the summer term soon and have to throw out unclaimed pieces. Thank you!

Summer Courses 2015

Acrylic painting  by Marietje Halberstma, adult course - winter term

Acrylic painting by Marietje Halberstma, adult course – winter term

I’m teaching two summer courses this year, starting in the second week of June!

Working from nature, still-life, photographs, and independent ideas, students ages 11-15 will be introduced to specific drawing fundamentals and techniques including line drawing, value, shape, pattern, texture, shading, perspective, and composition. Mediums that will be explored include charcoal, pastel, inks, paint, and paper. A $35 materials fee is included in the course fee.

Do you want to learn painting techniques? Are you intimidated by the requirements, rules, and rigors of creating a highly polished, finished work of art on canvas? You may find that by sketching on paper with acrylic paints, you will be less “awed” by the artistic experience, and will enjoy the activity, without the pressure of creating interesting visual images. We will develop fundamental painting techniques as we paint from a variety of subjects including still lifes and landscapes. Our art will progress from sketches to a finished painting and you may discover that your loose manner is as beautiful and interesting as more polished works. A supply list will be mailed upon registration.

Spring classes 2015

Comic book in progress by Charlotte, age 9.

Comic book in progress by Charlotte, age 9.

Hello! I’m close to falling behind deadlines due to bad weather, illness, and all around winter ickiness. Currently staff and educators of Brookline Adult Community Education and the Brookline Arts Center are rearranging schedules to accommodate make up classes due to snow days. I’m trying to wrap two (or three) paintings in the hopes I can submit them into national juried shows at the later part of the season. In three short weeks the spring term begins and I’m offering lots of creative fun for youth, teen and adults! Check ’em out! Continue reading

My (lack) of works in progress …

The winter months in New England have been brutal and weighing on me physically and mentally. I’ve barely spent more than a few hours a week in the studio. I’ve tried to work from home, but that’s almost never fully successful. I’m determined to finish, “Fireball Jackson”, by the end of the month.

“Fireball Jackson”, media and oil on canvas board.

Winter term 2015

Tony, 15, preparing his installation piece.

It’s been a rush to wrap up the fall semester, prepare for the holidays, pack for a week in Punta Cana while simultaneously plan for the winter term of classes beginning the second week of January! I have some fun stuff planned for youth, teen, and adult, hopefully you can join me! I’ll be updating this in the coming weeks, so please check back!

Happy holidays!

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