Popularly known as, “Steven Derrick”, Steven Wilber is an independent multimedia fine artist, inspired by music, pop culture, and his own world travels. Steven is an artist with a great interest in people and is always eager to share and hear new stories. His drawings and paintings are a reflection of such tales. Steven’s artwork has been in galleries and solo shows all along the East Coast since 2004. While based in the heart of Boston, Steven often works from his summer studio in Southern New Hampshire. Steven is an avid jogger, animal lover, long-time comic book collector, and perpetual goofball.

Steven spent years studying drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, and art education at West Virginia Wesleyan, Keene State College, and the Massachusetts College of Art & Design. In 2003, Steven successfully completely a painting and teaching apprenticeship in Paris. The following year Steven opened a small gallery, Shared Space, with local artists in Miami, Florida. After a relocation to Boston, Steven became a public school art teacher. Steven would teach inner city teens for Culture for Change, using art as a tool to educate on social justice. Steven has taught and coordinated programs for the Worcester Art Museum, New Art Center, Brookline Arts Center and Brookline Adult and Community Education, with youth, teen, and adult visual art and ceramic classes. When not in the studio, Steven is an art educator and summer administrator for public school, as well as a consultant for local non-profits.

Steven believes in inspiring our future generations by enhancing creativity in an environment of positivity. Using art as an interdisciplinary tool to combine math, history, and geography, the main goal for Steven is to teach students and clients to utilize their imagination and give them methods to think abstractly. We can absolutely change the world through art!