Mr. Wilber’s Classroom

Art is EVERYTHING. Too broad? Let me break that down; art is you, me, where we sit, what we see, and what we hear — it’s all of those things and so much more. Art is history, math, science, geography, language, music, and fashion. I use art to teach all of these subjects to my students and help enhance a greater sense of abstract thought. I believe in uplifting our future generations by strengthening creativity, while maintaining a strong environment of positivity. I want students to walk away from my art classes with a greater sense of self.

Steven has professionally taught Grades K-12 and adults since 2008.

More examples to come!


Fourth and Fifth Grade mid-season summer WIP showcase.


Grade 8 Linocuts

Grades 9-11 collaboration, mixed media installation

Grades 9-11 collaboration, mixed media installation