Mr. Wilber’s Classroom

Art is EVERYTHING. Too broad? Let me break that down; art is you, me, where we sit, what we see, and what we hear — it’s all of those things and so much more. Art is history, math, science, geography, language, music, and fashion. I use art to teach all of these subjects to my students and help enhance a greater sense of abstract thought. I believe in uplifting our future generations by strengthening creativity, while maintaining a strong environment of positivity. I want students to walk away from my art classes with a greater sense of self.

Steven has professionally taught Grades K-12 and adults since 2008.

Teaching Statement

I believe in inspiring our future generations by enhancing creativity in an environment of positivity. Using art as an interdisciplinary tool to combine math, history, and geography, my main goal is to teach students and clients to utilize their imagination and give them methods to think abstractly. We can absolutely change the world through art!

Mr. Wilber’s Digital Portfolio 


Fourth and Fifth Grade mid-season summer WIP showcase.


Grade 8 Linocuts

Grades 9-11 collaboration, mixed media installation

Grades 9-11 collaboration, mixed media installation