“Tranquil Sedation”, 18″x24″ x2, mixed media on canvas, diptych. ($650)

“Fireball Jackson”, mixed media with oil on canvas board, 18″x24″.

“Dead Dayz”, 4′ x 3′, oil on canvas, .

“Buddha Glam”, 24″x36″, mixed media w/ oil on canvas. (SOLD)

“The Price of Beauty” or “Glamor Gore”, 2’x3′,  oil & mixed media on canvas.

“Justice vs Ignorance”, oil on canvas w/ mixed media, 2’x3′.


Fat Cat Funnies’ Axe of Hellena. Traditional pencils & ink with digital color.


Original pen & ink on bristol board, 14″x17″.


Dynamite Comics’ Athena.


Vampirella, pencil, ink & copic marker. (Prints available.)


Lady Death, pen & ink on bristol board, 14″x17″. (Prints available.)

11×24 prints $30 plus S&H, domestic and international shipping. All prints are printed on durable poster paper. For art inquires or purchasing info, please email, swartstudio@gmail.com, or fill out the form below.