Some Exciting News To Share!

The New Art Center has extended its summer programming for teens and with my involvement we’re pleased to announce a series of educational and fun field trips to shake up the typical summer experience. NAC just released an update on its website with all the exciting details!


I was pleased to wrap up the spring semester with a fun “contest” as my fourth graders built bridges designed to support the weight of the classroom boombox. Following a short lecture on the logistics of man-made bridges students were only allowed to use white sheets of paper, scissors, and masking tape. Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves!

More student work!

I’m proud of the work my students Grades 6 & 7 have done in the last few weeks. I can’t help but show it off!

Etchings and prints of individual hands. April 2012

Some students are really into the mechanics of the final major project of the semester.
Skeleton hands made of sticks and wire. May 2012

April was Architecture Month!

April became the unofficial month for architecture in my classes Grades 1-4. I hadn’t planned this exactly, rather each class ended or began at a specific time when architecture would be the theme of the next project. While students and I discussed the influence of classical architecture of Greek and Roman designs on modern day works of art, we couldn’t help but use our imaginations and take our ideas of the future to paper. My 4th graders are still working on 3D designs based on their blue prints.

4th Grade “blue prints”
1st Grade pop out houses. Exterior w/ interior.

Hey, kids — COMICS!

Comic book were the tool my parents used to hook me on reading which led to my love of drawing and eventually painting. I’m pleased that DC Comics is promoting a line of comic books produced for their younger fans. I’m encouraging students and parents to check out the new DC Nation app!

United South End Settlements’ Children’s Art Centre: Resource of the Month: Creativity Matters E-Book

Another great resource for friends, coworkers, and parents! Enjoy!

United South End Settlements’ Children’s Art Centre: Resource of the Month: Creativity Matters E-Book: At the Children’s Art Centre, a firm belief in the power and importance of creativity to children’s cognitive, social, and emotional well-be…