Just the beginning … of the school year!

Wouldn’t you know it, I was packing for a week trip to Mexico in late August when I received a call, “Hey, are you free to teach public school for six weeks?” I barely had time to unpack and begin composing lesson plans when I found myself being introduced to two elementary schools worth of students, K-6. I had grand plans for my month and a half as the art teacher, but as many teachers know and I began to understand, there’s never enough time. That’s not to say the students and I weren’t successful with what I set before them. Rather, I’m pleased with what was accomplished and I was disappointed when realization set in that I wouldn’t be able to continue and for some classes, complete our art projects. From lessons starting with line, to shape, and on to color I managed to set up two bulletin boards with finished pieces that students can be proud of. What’s presented here is just a smattering of what my twenty classes completed. For details on the projects (Marc Chagall inspired portraits and shape fish with collage ocean) email me, sdwilber@gmail.com. Soon I plan on posting a blog of my learned experiences from these six weeks regarding time management and working with students with severe disabilities.

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