Latest work

“severe tranquility abstract”, diptych, mixed media, 2011-12

This poor painting just gets no love. Originally it was commissioned by a friend of a friend for her Cape house. She was determined to display something completely modern and I was eager to create something purely abstract. After several preliminary sketches, we seemed to find a happy medium. As with most clients I ask for half the fee up front, and the remaining upon delivery. The latter never happened and I’ve kept the painting in my possession for several months.

 Every once and awhile I would add or take away, slowly modifying it. Then, just recently, I was offered a part in special one night show. I dusted this off, tweaked it a little and was preparing to have this sent to the gallery. Then last minute, well almost last minute, I checked the fine print of the contract before signing and realized that the venue was not something that would benefit my career as an artist. It looks like this painting will have to go back in storage another few months until I find the right time to have it on display.

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