Because you demanded it!

252cfac0b12611e2b12b22000aaa04d7_7FLASHBACK: Nearly five years ago, a busy graduate student started as a lowly intern for the outreach program of the Education Department of the Worcester Art Museum. He quickly moved his way up to become a member of faculty working beside well established artists and published authors.

Fast forward to now, I’ve maintained my position, but took a break from teaching WAM classes as the commute from my home in Boston to Worcester grew increasingly daunting. Though I always promised I would return for a class or workshop because of (surprising) demand. I have a special spot in my heart for all of the young artists and parents I’ve come to know through each course I taught. I love my WAM family dearly and have remained in contact with all my friends at the museum. Their love, guidance, and support helped open such wonderful doors towards my career path as an educator.

Anyway —

Good friend, Brett M. Holtz, author and illustrator extraordinaire will be busy signing copies of his various books during Free Comic Book Day and was kind enough to ask if I would cover his morning Saturday class. Not known for doing anything small, I’m using the opportunity as a Character Creation workshop for young cartoonists, Grades 3-5. The class and I will spend between 15-20 minutes exploring some of the museum’s exhibits and use our discoveries to help influence our work as we create a life size 2D fictional character. We’ll also be talking about specific character fashion, motivation, design, history, and more. I know it will be a ton of fun for all involved! This is a one-time only class, May 4th and goes from 10am-noon. To register, call Elaine at, 508-799-4406. I hope to see you and your child there!

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