My alter-ego

StevenDerrick at the C&S Gallery in Boston, standing here in front of, “Buddha Glam”.

It started on a whim as an ode to some of my favorite artists who became well-known celebrities due to their outrageous personalities, but years ago, just as I was graduating college, I invented my alter-ego, StevenDerrick. I was looking to get noticed among the hundreds of young artists fighting for the spotlight. A little bronzer, a pair of aviator shades, some flamboyance and a slightly smug attitude brought the character to life. It started as a joke, one friends and crowds really got into, as StevenDerrick became the life of the party, with a sharp retort for everything. Slowly though, it seemed StevenDerrick took on a life of his own, and his — well my — art, took a back seat and was no longer the focus. When I made the decision to leave Miami and move back to Boston, StevenDerrick retired — or died — the reports are conflicted, but you get the idea.

Two nights ago, however, StevenDerrick made a brief comeback to speak at an intimate event dedicated to art and mentorship. His return came just as his origin, a whim! It was a lot of fun to switch between the character and myself and I appreciated the energy the crowd fed me. Perhaps we’ll see more of StevenDerrick in the future, but for now I’m content just being me and letting my art speak for itself.

Steven talking about his art and the importance of mentorship.

StevenDerrick, posing in front of, “Fists On the Pulse”, 2008.

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