A brief note

SWart Studio - Steven DerrickI’ve just signed on to teach teen and adult Saturday classes for the winter term at the Menino Arts Center, starting in January (more info soon). I’ll also be teaching weekday afternoons and evenings for Culture for Change in downtown Boston, as well as at the Brookline Arts Center. I can’t express how grateful I am for these opportunities to continue teaching. When I decided to step away from public school, I was a little nervous. I felt like a recording artist without a major label. But in hindsight it’s exactly what I needed creatively. I’ve given myself a year to devote the proper amount of time needed in the studio, as well as teaching part-time on the side. Come next fall, my plans may change, but I’m focusing on what I have set before me and giving it my all. Thank you to all the friends, families, and fellow artists who have showered me with support. I love you all, truly.

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