End of winter and start of spring classes!

Kindergartners working on, “Planet Warm”.

I’m pleased that my classes at the Brookline Art Center have been  extended for the spring! I’m also teaching a Saturday ceramic class for ages 10-12. I can’t thank students and parents enough for the huge success winter term has been!

List of  Youth, Teen, and Adult Classes for Steven Wilber

I’m the latest addition to the Brookline Adult and Community Education Center’s February break programming! Already six students have signed up for my two morning classes, ages 5-7, but spaces are still available. To register click on the link above class descriptions.

SmartVacations, February 18-21

World Art9:00am-10:30am
Track your adventures across the globe as you learn about the arts and crafts of different continents. We’ll make a map, discuss the places we’ll visit, and make traditional arts and crafts. 
Mythical Voyages10:30am-12pm
Discover ancient worlds and civilizations through games, stories, building projects, and fun challenges.  We’ll build ships, create board games, and role play as we learn.

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