Number Seven Will Be, “Bliss!”

I began brainstorming my seventh painting for my “Heroine” collection the other day. I started with concept sketches loosely based on work of a personal hero of mine, comic book and story board artist, Mike Vosburg. From there I began studying the early work of model and actress, Brigitte Nielsen. And finally, after reading some epic Supergirl stories by Paul Kupperberg and Carmine Infantino, I had a new galactic heroine starring in my new mixed media piece, “Bliss!” Singer/performer, Dee D. Jackson continues to leave her mark in my subconscious as I create. Oh, and believe or not, the background will be inspired by cracked pavement that caught my eye during one of my usual dog walks with my best friend, the Amazing Amazon Mutt. STAY TUNED FOR MORE!

UPDATE 7.26.15:

#Bliss! is completed! I whipped through this mixed media on canvas mainly because I was uninterrupted and was able to have fun with little to no complication. I’ve already planned out my next piece(s). More on that soon.


“#Bliss!”, mixed media on canvas, 3’x4′.

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