Thank you, Paul Ryan

Local artist, published creator, and one of my childhood heroes, Paul Ryan, died this past weekend. The news was sudden and hit all of us who knew Paul hard. I grew up reading his Avengers, The Flash, Fantastic Four, and more. Paul lived just outside Boston and attended nearby conventions for many years. It was at conventions I was able to get know Paul and gleam bits of wisdom from this hard working professional. Paul was a sweet man, dedicated to his loving wife, Linda, with a passion for animals, in particular, horses. I will forever regret not calling or emailing Paul sooner, but I am grateful for the brief time I spent with him and the laughs we shared.


Avengers #309, 1989. This was one of three comics books I bought with my first allowance and my introduction to artist, Paul Ryan.



A commission Paul had completed for me and I just recently framed. I remember how happy he was to see it on a wall in my apartment.


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