Painting and Wheel Throwing Demos by Steven Derrick!

Steven Derrick, Artist At WorkThe Brookline Arts Center has asked that I give a ceramic wheel throwing demo during its Open Studios, Saturday, April 26th. I’ll also be giving a brief demo of my technique and unique approach to painting from noon to 1pm! I’m looking forward to sharing what I love to do with the local community, everyone is welcome!

A concept for a new collection

I’ve come up with a concept for a show that combines elements of ’50s sci-fi movie posters, the glamor of female celebrities from the ‘70-’80s, and comic book pin up art from the ’90s. I’m tentatively titling it, “Heroines”. I’m mixing my love of pop culture and infusing it with a fine art sensibility. I hope to have a 10-12 piece collection of mixed media paintings done in my usual “kinetic style” by the beginning of 2015. I want it to be colorful, sexy, and empowering! I’ve already secured a space to host a preview show next summer. Stay tuned for more!

UPDATE (9.16.13) – I’m three paintings in, one nearly completed, two half done and I am learning so much about women beyond standard anatomy. I never expected, nor thought it possible, but my respect for women has grown with each new paint stroke. My process involves really thinking about and understanding my subject and exploring avenues of thought not necessarily common to me. This is turning into a greater creative and personal experience than I imagined!

Paintings 1-3 in progress.

Paintings 1-3 in progress.