Jagwar Ma – “Man I Need”

Be sure to hit “Like” on the website’s Facebook tab to check out the various music videos that are playing in my classroom or inspiring my work. I prefer to stay away from today’s Top 40 and a little jazz or classical mixed with play gems from the ’60s-’90s or current independent artists that students don’t regularly hear. I especially like artists from other countries, not played on American radio. I’m constantly posting songs on Facebook that create a week’s playlist, helping me to establish a fun and creative environment in the art room ( or “studio-classroom”, as I call it.)

Jagwar Ma is the latest band I’ve been turned onto. For more of their music, checkout their page on SoundCloud!

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SWart Studio!If you haven’t already, please look to the right of this post and hit, “Like”, for the SWart Studio Facebook page. There you’ll find music and quotes that inspire Steven’s work, as well as updates not regularly found on the website. Thank you for your support. We can absolutely change the world through art!