Possibility for another year of Culture for Change collaborating!

Possibility for another year of Culture for Change collaborating!

I’m pleased I’ve been asked to help plan the curriculum for another year of Culture for Change programming at Boston Asian: Youth Essential Service! The YES staff and I are  putting out as much good energy into the universe as we can while we await news of future funding. If all goes as planned, we’ll be offering art related projects and field trips in an effort to reinforce self-esteem with a focused theme of social justice. The program is offered to a select groups of teens, ages 15-17, who are interested in the arts and/or taking a leadership role in their community.

UPDATE: The following is the proposal I drafted to our prospective funding partner.

These are going to be SO different a year from now! Just wait —

Through formal lessons and projects of drawing, photography, painting, performance art/dance, and digital film making, teens will learn the building blocks and fundamentals of art making. Throughout the course of the Culture for Change program, teens will develop a better understanding of the “voice” that art lends and use art in these forms to express themselves. Discussions of Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, comic books, manga, and story boarding, as well as the artists who influenced these eras and medias of art will permeate over the course of several months to strengthen the understanding of each project. The year long culmination of projects, each building off of the last, will be individual mixed media mannequin installations to be formally exhibited in the lobby of YES. These unique pieces will represent their young artists and the messages they wish to convey to the community at large, with an intent for their audience to react and become intellectually and/or emotionally involved. In effect, Culture for Change will allow these teens to show us how they see the world through their eyes.

UPDATE (9.14.13) – The Executive Director of Y.E.S., Jane Leung, confirmed we are a go and is very excited to have the program start in the coming weeks! Thank you to everyone who sent in praise and support, it means everything.

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