Now Hear This: Arts Matter Day!

Arts matter to Boston Public Schools because they embrace diversity and inclusion. The arts also help express and explore emotion, ideas, one’s identity, and more. That’s why I’m celebrating Arts Matter Day Oct 26! Please sign up at and spread the word why arts matter to you.


Possibility for another year of Culture for Change collaborating!

Possibility for another year of Culture for Change collaborating!

I’m pleased I’ve been asked to help plan the curriculum for another year of Culture for Change programming at Boston Asian: Youth Essential Service! The YES staff and I are  putting out as much good energy into the universe as … Continue reading

Create the Vote Boston 2013

Creat the Vote Boston 2013On Wednesday, July 10th, from 5-7pm, at the Boston Center For the Arts, I’ll be joined by artists and performers to speak about the importance of the arts and culture in Boston.  We’ll be speaking to Boston voters, but in particular to the mayoral candidates. Learn what you can do to make sure these candidates keep arts and culture one of their priorities. Please show your support and RSVP to the event. Food and drink will be provided.  This event is sponsored by MASSCreative.