What’s in the works for SWart Studio?

I don’t have any art projects in the works because I’ve officially begun a graduate research study. I’m focusing on creative ways to present in mid 2021. I chose a topical subject that deserves more attention. These are slides of my proposal at a fall symposium. More soon!

UPDATE: I completed my study in late spring. I presented my findings at a closing symposium of the semester. Similar to last year’s, but more complex. The response of my presentation was incredibly positive and I’m proud to say I earned myself another A. It was a lot of work, but my findings will only benefit my own teaching.

To review my final slideshow click HERE.

A great series of books for your kids!

There’s a great series of books I initially got for my third grade classes to have as reference material for a Greek mythology lesson I concocted when I first started teaching. Over the years the lesson has grown and evolved and so has the series! Olympians is by mastermind author and illustrator, George O’Connor, and highlights the Greek gods and the most popular myths they’re associated with, told in comic book form. Not only that, but each book ties continuity with past books, showing how the stories entwine with others. I would have loved to have read the books as a child, but I’m no less grateful that I have them as a tool for my classroom.

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