Getting away


My own special getaway in New England.

My studio is a secret sanctuary unlike any other, bestowed to me by my grandparents for my graduation from university. It’s a great space to escape the city and reflect on my busy life. With a view like this you can understand how it’s become my creative nexus and where I prefer to paint.

New classes!

Happy new year! I’m pleased to announce my upcoming Saturday classes at the Worcester Art Museum. Classes begin January 14th and end March 10th.
With a variety of materials students and I will be exploring and creating landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes, and more. We’ll also be learning about famous artists from different parts of our world!
Students will be studying works of the past to inspire new works of their own with subject matter that is real, and some that is surreal. Lessons will be both two dimensional and three dimension with a final project that incorporates both.
To register for my classes, simply click on the links above.