Ending 2021 On a Positive Note

I think everyone struggled this year. COVID-19 is still the bane of the globe, especially in schools. It seemed like summer vacation would never get here and when it did, I took it off completely. No summer school or grad classes. I began my practicum with a wonderful third grade class in the fall.

On December 20th I graduated graduate school with two more As and interviewed for a long-term substitute teaching position at the same school I’ve been teaching at for the last five years. The universe seems to know what it’s doing. I’m back to working with a team I know and love, but this time beyond the art room, and teaching side by side with educators I adore. Thus far, based off of the announcement before winter break, students and families seem pleased with my addition, not trepidatious about a new teacher. I’m well-known at school and I hope our transition goes smoothly. We start January 3rd.

I have so much to be thankful for … my cup runneth over. I’m grateful to the downtime this week brought that allowed me time to set up the classroom. I’ve had plenty of adventures this year and know how lucky I am to have such a great support system. Thank you, universe!

Meanwhile, I wish everyone a happy new year to all! 

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