Back from a holiday!


I’m obsessed with the street art I found in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. 

I recently spent several days traveling in Israel. The country is unlike any other I have been to before, with so many different groups of people cohabiting so closely together. I suppose it’s a lot like cities Boston or NYC, but on a grander scale. I find myself at a loss of words to accurately describe the experience. It wasn’t my first visit to Israel, but no less special. I have two days of relaxation before the new school term begins and I intend to take full advantage.


Looking out at Tel Aviv. 

Possibly even more exciting news is that ’80s legend Hazell Dean and her team released this latest SWartStudio graphic to ring in the new year and promote Dean latest single due early 2019 from Energise Records. This is the publishing start of a project Team Dean and SWart Studio have been a part for last year and a half. I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with such great friends. It’s been a sincere labor of love. 



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