Limited Edition Hazell Dean Print

NOW HEAR THIS! The Queen of HiNRG, Hazell Dean, is offering forty limited edition prints featuring the artwork of American artist, Steven Wilber. Profits go towards the Dahlia Foundation and Dogs On the Street! Printed on ‘Imagine’ a high quality artboard, these 12″ album size prints are all individually numbered and signed by Hazell. ‪It started as a lark, just for fun, but Hazell had an idea in her head and we took it and ran! We never expected this to become such a celebrated image. Thanks to Co-Pilot, Octavio Karbank, and Jeremy Roberts for all their help and input.
On sale 2/22/19.‬ ‪
Go to for more details! ‬‬
The Foundation was started by Sara Di Carlo in 2016, as a grass roots organization that provides accommodation, medical assistance and monetary grants to vulnerable refugee families living in Greece and Turkey.
For over six years, DOtS has been tending to the needs of the homeless with dogs. DOtS operates weekly in London as well as running regular services in other major UK cities with a view to expand even further. DOtS ensures all the essential items and services are provided for free each and every week.

Limited to 40, prints come numbered and signed by Hazell Dean!

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