Room 209 & Beyond

I’m a part of an LGBTQ affinity group of my district’s educators. We’re getting into Pride month and different schools will be celebrating in their own ways. I’m cooking up some fun learning activities to space out throughout the month to highlight the LGBTQ community too! But I was surprised to learn a few teachers were getting pushback from their colleagues, even for something as small as hanging up a Pride flag. There’s even more, but I digress. I sat quietly listening to various stories and I started thinking about my own school. It seems like a safe space for all, but is it?

Some weeks ago I put up this sticker in the entrance window of our classroom. A simple stance, but a sign to students that allies are in Room 209. Yesterday I sent out a memo to everyone in my school asking if they would do the same. The response was immediate and overwhelming! My heart was so full. My heart was so full. My smile so wide. By the end of the week stickers and magnets I ordered will be all over the building. Shoutout to Hazell Dean for donating the design of the original sticker since it’s no longer in print. Now I can make as many as we need!

After reading emails and speaking with my coworkers following my memo, I can confirm that our school is indeed a safe space. We care about our students and we’re putting in the work to learn and understand how we can be better humans to help educate new generations.

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