Pride Month 2021

What a wild year this has been! There have been so many downs, but possibly more incredible ups to the school year. I’ve learned a lot and I am so proud of our fifth graders. While expectations and safety precautions continued to shift, students remained flexible and patient. They were also receptive to my morning meetings. This year I turned our 10-15 minute daily event into a ‘talk show’ of sorts, focusing on American history, cultural events and celebrations. Often times students would serve as my cohosts and their ingenuity and creativity always surprised me.

For the month of June we focused on Pride Month and how Pride means different things to many people. The support from the students, parents, and my colleagues was tremendous and I had requests to share our morning show across the district so other teachers could adapt and use it for their own purposes. Then people started taking notice in other cities! So I’m sharing my slideshow here for anyone who may find these mini lessons of use. The discussions they elicited from the children proved worthwhile and I’ll definitely be using this again in the future. We went so far as to add stickers in windows of classrooms (donated by Hazell Dean, the Queen of HiNRG) and a banner at the front of the school. My heart is full and this was indeed a fantastic way to wrap up a difficult school year.


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