Goodbye to one of the greats

“How I Draw the Flash”, by Carmine Infantino, 1963.

It’s no secret that I’m a comic book fan and that comics turned me onto art and lead to my career as an artist and art educator. Yesterday comic book fans lost one of the great creators who left a lasting legacy with his work during the Golden and Silver Age of comics. A touching farewell was written by his former colleague and popular comic book creator in his own right, Paul Kupperberg.

“Call me … Carmine!”

Learning from the comics

“Superman” by Paul Kupperberg, George Tuska, and Vince Colleta, 1982.

Because I love comic books and superheroes so much and because both subjects got me into art, which lead me into teaching, I incorporate a lot throughout the school year. Thankfully, none of my students complain. I’ve begun collecting old random comic strips from daily newspapers for various lessons and for different grades. Earlier today I came across this gem.