BACK ISSUE! #94 out Jan. 2017

As usual, the holidays are a blur and suddenly we’re at the end of another year! As much as I try to avoid the chaos by staying ahead and organized, I somehow always feel the pressure of a deadline or two. Luckily 2016 wasn’t too bad and most of the strain I felt was self inflicted. Besides, I have so much to be grateful for, it’s hard to focus on the stress that inevitably develops with any project. Professionally there have only been highs, adding to make this a whirlwind year. Continue reading

Best memories of my dad

Wonder Woman 25My fondest memories with my dad are of our bi-weekly trips to the comic book store in the late ’80s through the ’90s. Early in my childhood I would read Dad’s old DC and Marvel comics over and over, but I loved using my allowance to purchase comics of my own. My love of comic books initially inspired me to draw, later paint, enroll in art school and study abroad, and eventually become an art teacher. Thanks, Dad!

Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads who deserve to celebrate!

Learning from the comics

“Superman” by Paul Kupperberg, George Tuska, and Vince Colleta, 1982.

Because I love comic books and superheroes so much and because both subjects got me into art, which lead me into teaching, I incorporate a lot throughout the school year. Thankfully, none of my students complain. I’ve begun collecting old random comic strips from daily newspapers for various lessons and for different grades. Earlier today I came across this gem.