Because you demanded it!

252cfac0b12611e2b12b22000aaa04d7_7FLASHBACK: Nearly five years ago, a busy graduate student started as a lowly intern for the outreach program of the Education Department of the Worcester Art Museum. He quickly moved his way up to become a member of faculty working beside well established artists and published authors.

Fast forward to now, I’ve maintained my position, but took a break from teaching WAM classes as the commute from my home in Boston to Worcester grew increasingly daunting. Though I always promised I would return for a class or workshop because of (surprising) demand. I have a special spot in my heart for all of the young artists and parents I’ve come to know through each course I taught. I love my WAM family dearly and have remained in contact with all my friends at the museum. Their love, guidance, and support helped open such wonderful doors towards my career path as an educator.

Anyway —

Good friend, Brett M. Holtz, author and illustrator extraordinaire will be busy signing copies of his various books during Free Comic Book Day and was kind enough to ask if I would cover his morning Saturday class. Not known for doing anything small, I’m using the opportunity as a Character Creation workshop for young cartoonists, Grades 3-5. The class and I will spend between 15-20 minutes exploring some of the museum’s exhibits and use our discoveries to help influence our work as we create a life size 2D fictional character. We’ll also be talking about specific character fashion, motivation, design, history, and more. I know it will be a ton of fun for all involved! This is a one-time only class, May 4th and goes from 10am-noon. To register, call Elaine at, 508-799-4406. I hope to see you and your child there!

Goodbye to one of the greats

“How I Draw the Flash”, by Carmine Infantino, 1963.

It’s no secret that I’m a comic book fan and that comics turned me onto art and lead to my career as an artist and art educator. Yesterday comic book fans lost one of the great creators who left a lasting legacy with his work during the Golden and Silver Age of comics. A touching farewell was written by his former colleague and popular comic book creator in his own right, Paul Kupperberg.

“Call me … Carmine!”

End of Winter Term

Greenware, bisqueware, and glazeware, collectively. 5th Grade.

The winter term has wrapped up in public school and slowly at the art center where I teach afternoons. This week has been a perfect week for me to reflect on students’ progress by reviewing past lessons and projects since mid-January. As a whole it seems everyone’s had fun and learned quite a bit. I’m pleased with the successes had then till now.

6th Grader working intently on his comic book.

I get ‘a little’ excited talking about art.

Announcing new classes!

Grade 2

I’ve very excited to announce a list of new after school classes I’ll be teaching at the New Art Center. Also has the Teen Program Coordinator for the NAC I’m planning on some fun art-related events. More info soon. The jammed packed creativity starts early 2013 and registration opens today!
Teen Graphic Novel and Manga Exploration

Explore the genre of the graphic novel with comic books and manga. Delve into the history of the medium and its influences on animation, anime, music, and film. Students will create their own graphic novel, focus on story structure and pencil and ink art. Sketchbook required.

Teen Drawing & Painting

Students will learn the fundamentals of drawing and acrylic painting in this energetic studio class. The class will cover composition, style, mark making, light and shading and other fundamental techniques. Additionally, class will look at contemporary practices of drawing and painting for inspiration and new ways of working.
Teen Advanced Open Studio

In this course students will be encouraged to pursue current interests and artistic skills that establish a solid foundation in the visual art practices. Choose you favorite media and work with professional artist and teacher, Steven Wilber, as you develop your artwork. Explore drawing, painting, sculpture, and other mixed media, that includes illustration, graphic novel, collage, and building techniques. Expect to make a final masterpiece by the end of the term!

Young Professional Artists Career Exploration, Gr. 6-9

Starting with the basics and moving beyond, learn the steps to become a professional artist. This class is for students seriously considering the art world in their future or just interested in improving their painting and drawing skills. Some 3D work may be involved as the course progresses. Expect positive group critiques every week.

Leadership Through the Arts, Gr. 7-9

Would you like to become a young leader in the art world? If you are interested in the visual arts, photography, music, dance, theater, and/or in organizing events, this is the perfect space for you. Led by art teacher and Teen Coordinator, Steven Wilber, participants will learn important leadership skills and tools like how to organize art-related activities, plan budget, raising money, and develop programs including field trips, parties, community art projects, teen night outs, art exhibits, and more.

Creative Sculptures, Gr. 3-5

Use handbuilding techniques to create both functional and sculptural objects! Students in this class will develop an understanding of the materials and processes involved in ceramic art-making.

Wheel Throwing & Handbuilding, Gr. 3-5

The New Art Center offers a well-equipped ceramics studio for children to have fun while learning methods and techniques of working with the potter’s wheel. These are among the most popular classes. Students learn how to create their own mugs, bowls, plates, and glazing techniques. While this course is strongly focused on wheel throwing, students have the option to enhance their work, by adding texture, special touches, or a sculptural detail to their creations by altering wheel thrown shapes with hand building techniques.

Happy Halloween!

WONDER WOMAN #118, 1996

I think some adults enjoy Halloween almost as much as children. I’ve been delightfully putting together a pen and ink lesson for my graphic novel class using the elements of horror and shadow in comic books to create a definitive mood. Unfortunately classes were postponed due to the hurricane that blew through the East Coast, but I had so much fun pouring over old comics as I searched out examples to show students.

Prolonging the fun — !

Black Panther #1, 2005

Because of the success of my after school programs, both Graphic Novel & Manga Exploration, Grades 6-9 – Mondays, and Architect’s Building Studio, Grades 2-4 – Wednesdays, are being extended into late fall. There are still a few openings in each class. Please help me spread the word. I’ll also be announcing more fun art-related events in a few short weeks. I am very excited!