A long coming update

It’s been over a year since I last updated my website blog. Where does time go? Since I last posted I lost my dog of sixteen years and a cat of twelve. I started teaching at a new school, continued to administer at another for the summer, and I submitted a few pieces for a top secret project that should be revealed later this year. I can’t share much, but presented here is an unused page of the project. Though these characters were abandoned, I found a fun way to incorporate them into something else. I finally reworked this website to include more examples of students’ work as well as some more of my own. I need to make time in the future to have my artwork professionally photographed. Sending lots of love to the Cyberverse as I wrap up another school year and prepare for a jam packed summer.

comic pg demo



BACK ISSUE! #94 out Jan. 2017

As usual, the holidays are a blur and suddenly we’re at the end of another year! As much as I try to avoid the chaos by staying ahead and organized, I somehow always feel the pressure of a deadline or two. Luckily 2016 wasn’t too bad and most of the strain I felt was self inflicted. Besides, I have so much to be grateful for, it’s hard to focus on the stress that inevitably develops with any project. Professionally there have only been highs, adding to make this a whirlwind year. Continue reading

A Day Without Art

img_1939The holiday rush has begun and I have multiple projects on my plate, but what else is new? Several weeks ago I was asked to contribute to a Day Without Art, a three day exhibit that opens in Boston on World AIDS Day. I’m making up for lost time and painting oil on a 4’x4′ wood panel. This is what I have thus far, but my plan is to work through the night and have the piece drying in front of a fan and heater for forty-eight hours. I’ll post the finished piece on Facebook. There you’ll also find more information about this annual event.

A Budding Comic Book Historian

I’ve been busy researching and interviewing several comic book creators for a couple of articles I’m writing for BACK ISSUE Magazine. As a long-time fan/collector it’s a dream come true. As an artist myself, it’s been an invaluable experience listening and learning from the greats. Here are a few clues of what to expect in early 2017!image

April Break

I’ve been so busy with personal projects that I never took the time to actively promote my intensive ceramic workshop for April Break. It was filled nonetheless and we didn’t have a lot of room to move. The group was terrific, dedicated, and cranked out some amazing work in a week. The entire experience was a lot of fun!



Thank you, Paul Ryan

Local artist, published creator, and one of my childhood heroes, Paul Ryan, died this past weekend. The news was sudden and hit all of us who knew Paul hard. I grew up reading his Avengers, The Flash, Fantastic Four, and more. Paul lived just outside Boston and attended nearby conventions for many years. It was at conventions I was able to get know Paul and gleam bits of wisdom from this hard working professional. Paul was a sweet man, dedicated to his loving wife, Linda, with a passion for animals, in particular, horses. I will forever regret not calling or emailing Paul sooner, but I am grateful for the brief time I spent with him and the laughs we shared.


Avengers #309, 1989. This was one of three comics books I bought with my first allowance and my introduction to artist, Paul Ryan.



A commission Paul had completed for me and I just recently framed. I remember how happy he was to see it on a wall in my apartment.